printable origami transforming box

Fun Origami Transforming Project for Kids

This fun origami activity is great for kids, as it creates a folding origami box that folds and transforms into many many different shapes.  Kids love it!  We originally found this idea on Facebook from a video posted by an Asian man.  We followed the video carefully, and made a easy to print out template that you can print from home!
Step 1:

Print the template on regular computer paper (we chose to print on some fancy craft paper that had different colors and patterns on each side)

Download Template


Step 2:

Cut out each of the strips horizontally as shown below

cut out strips

Step 3:

Fold each strip into a triangle shape along the printed lines (making nice crisp creases) and tape each one off.


Step 4:

Tape them in sets of two as shown below (green arrows) so you’ll end up with 4 sets


Step 5:

Next tape each of the the 2 sets of 2 together as illustrated below (green arrows).


Step 6:

Tape the two halves together on the bottom, but only on the end pieces as illustrated below:


Step 7:

Fold Away & Enjoy!

Here’s a quick video of how the box should turn out:

My boy loves to make them.  After a few practices he’s got down where the taping needs to go.  He loves making this fun kids activity with his friends when they come over to play.

Let us know in the comments how yours turned out and help support our website by sharing this activity!